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EQC is the ultimate enhancing end-to-end service for the serious property investor, the novice, or the first timer who wants to get started in property investment. Since 2008 we have been responsible for the acquisition of more than 800 investment properties and received several awards in recognition of our dedication to quality and customer service.

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There is no better way to learn about EQC and our quality of service than hearing it directly from our clients.

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Getting Started: Offset Accounts

In this Getting Started video learn about offset accounts and how to avoid a common tax trap investors fall into with their property investment loans.

Getting Started: Negative Gearing

In this Getting Started video, learn about negative gearing and it's importance for property investors.

Getting Started: Types of loans

In the first video of our Getting Started series we talk about the different types of home loans you can get as it is important to have the right loan for the right purpose.

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