Real Estate Portfolio

Australian Investment Opportunities

We do all the legwork to find the best real estate portfolio options that are suited to your needs and financial situation to then present you with a small number of personalised options. When selecting a property to be added to your portfolio, EQC will assist in vetting and summarizing your best options.

Our property selection criteria includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Using due diligence to ensure the quality of the property is up to EQC standards
  • Ensure the property meets our location criteria
  • Perform a pre-listing inspection for existing properties

Property Capital Growth

Our number one priority is that your property has a strong potential for capital growth with a solid rental income. We look specifically for properties that perform and are to maintain an average rental yield of 5 – 6%.  If you already have a property that you are interested in adding to your portfolio, EQC also has monitoring and broker services that are on offer.