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Many homeowners think of investing in property, and rely on banks and institutions for advice and direction. Welcome to EQC Wealth Management, a boutique firm, with a strong focus and pride in our personalized customer service.  As a client of EQC your interests are always our number one priority.  On our site you may browse latest investment opportunities or surf information to aid in making a wise decision.  Our lines are always open, and we welcome a chat, text or call whether you have decided to invest or simply need additional information.


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Families are busy, and it is important to keep a work life balance while still ensuring your finances are working for you. Depending on your circumstances, choose a service that best suits your needs and we do the rest.


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Full service property investment management services for current or future property investors.

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Services that help home-owners to manage mortgage payments, rates and returns to maximize profit.


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Helping families since 2008, our Gold Coast branch is dedicated to end-to-end client services. Whether you already have a portfolio or are wanting to get started in the market, EQC has managed over 800 investment properties and received several awards of recognition.

I couldn’t be happier with EQC’s services.  The advice is great and the team is friendly.

Paul Daniel

The service is more that I could have hoped for.


We signed on with EQC in 2014, purchasing our first investment property. They made the process easy and there was no stress as they had everything under control. We never had to chase anything and we were kept informed at every step of the way.

The Client Services team look after us by ensuring that we remain on track each quarter thereby owning our home sooner. The team are amazing and always prepared to help in any way they can. We couldn’t be happier with the service we have received.

Robert & Melinda

Thank you EQC for giving me my start into the property market. The team at EQC are friendly, kind and helpful. EQC have helped and guided me in the right direction towards getting my own investment properties. I hope to use the foundation I have created to buy my own house and have it paid off in the minimum amount of time. I look forward to the future and continuing my journey with EQC.


I signed up with EQC in mid 2014 and I honestly cannot believe the progress I have made in paying off my home loan. Truth be told, I have paid off more in 12 months than I had done in 6 years of prior ownership. The experience has been brilliant! Every single thing they have said would happen has happened and continues to happen. I feel two things overwhelmingly:

1. So, so, so blessed to have approached EQC and entrusted them to propel me towards my wealth creation goals and;

2. Like a complete fool for not signing up sooner!!!


There are many companies out there offering similar products but what EQC does under the guidance of Keith and his team is different. They make you part of their family offering invaluable personable service and genuinely understand the power of helping people and this is what sets them apart.

Craig & Deb

Investment news.

Let the Games Begin

The upcoming Commonwealth Games has been the single biggest factor for the economic boom and massive investment in the Gold Coast. And if we had a dollar for every time someone hypothesized on its impact

  • southport gold coast investment

Southport Gaining Traction

As the Gold Coast's Central Business District, Southport has a reputation as a dynamic hub of business, investment and an enviable coastal lifestyle. Since its designation as a Priority Development Area four years ago, proposed

  • first time home buyers

First time home buyers

Queensland First Home Owner's Grant The Queensland First Home Owners' Grant has been boosted to $20,000, but only until 30 June 2017. Don't let the recent boost of the QLD home owners' grant slip

How to save.

At EQC we have developed a range of services that create the ultimate package to suit both the first time and experienced property investor.

*For just $59 per month plus $5 for each additional property our Premium Client Service includes:

  • XERO Specialist accounting software
  • Budget management
  • Your very own Relationship Manager
  • Choose to have all your investment invoices send directly to us or upload them directly to your EQC portal. This also includes having your complete collation of investment property expenses assembled for tax time
  • Bi-annual portfolio review of all of your properties
  • Superannuation, Personal Protection and General Insurance Reviews designed to save you money and reflect new borrowings
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Mortgage services.

We are accredited with all major banks and can help with the following:

  • Home Loans
  • Refinancing and Debt Consolidation
  • Construction Loans
  • Investment Property Loans
  • Low Doc Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Self Managed Super Fund Loans
  • Parental guarantee
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Investment Opportunities.

Our number one priority is that your property has a strong potential for capital growth with a solid rental income. Our property selection criteria includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Using due diligence to ensure the quality of the property is up to EQC standards
  • Ensure the property meets our location criteria
  • Perform a pre-listing inspection for existing properties
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EQC is accredited with top lenders.

EQC is your link to some of Australia’s leading banking institutions.

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