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Address: 160 Cotlew Street, Ashmore, GOLD COAST.
1800 263 980

Hear what others sayEQC Wealth Management Reviews

Always deliver on promises and if cannot, always explain why. Good communication skills. Very happy with John’s service.
Darren - 2015
Everything has been wonderful, we have already paid off the mortgage, Alynta from monitoring has done a wonderful job at keeping us on track.Pam - Client since 2013
Keith if you ever get rid of Jarrod I will pull all my accounts from EQC. He not only walks the extra mile he can talk it as well. He put the customer first and owns the issues even when it was not his to own.Olly - Client since 2010
I signed up with EQC in mid 2014 and I honestly cannot believe the progress I have made in paying off my home loan. Truth be told, I have paid off more in 12 months than I had done in 6 years of prior ownership. The experience has been brilliant!
Ben - Client since 2014
We couldn’t be happier with EQC’s services. The advice is great and the team is friendly. We would be lost without EQC. Keith and Jordan have carried us the whole time.Paul and Shelley - 2016
We signed on with EQC in 2014, purchasing our first investment property. They made the process easy and there was no stress as they had everything under control. We never had to chase anything and we were kept informed at every step of the way.Robert and Melinda - 2014
Provide a quality service, I have had good dealings with Paul and Alynta, both have been extremely helpful, met my needs and answered all my questions very quickly.Jim - 2010
My experience with EQC has been very rewarding, I have learnt a lot about investing and planning for the future. Keith is very knowledgeable and approachable as are all his staff, especially Vivian who has been an absolute pleasure to work with.
Tim - 2012
We joined EQC in 2011 and after being sceptical at first, we were very pleased we went ahead with them. By trusting them and following their financial system, we were able to completely pay off our mortgage in a much shorter time, allowing us to live debt free. There were some minor hiccups along the way, however they were all resolved, as the EQC team has our interests and financial success as a priority. Their professionalism and business structure continues to get better, which shows their pursuit for excellence.
We now have three investment properties and aim to continue building this investment portfolio. Andrew and Carolyn - 2011
Both Jane and myself thought when we first heard about what EQC might be able to do for us, we were sceptical…”if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is…”, but after speaking with Keith and meeting him we really haven’t looked back with what EQC has done for us in getting our home mortgage paid off in just over 5 years…when we first had discussions with Keith, we were looking at 17 years before owning our home…not any more.Paul and Jane - 2011
We love the simplicity of EQC, they have made what seemed unachievable an easy means to start investing in our future. Their capability works! I can’t say enough about the team working with us. They are proficient, friendly and professional and moreover always contactable which is what we love about them. We look forward to building out property portfolio with you.Gail - 2017
I have been a member of the EQC program for a couple years now and I am very happy with the professional manner and operation of EQC. Any questions I have, have been responded very fast and efficiently, the team are very organised in each division. Cheers from everyone who has helped me through this journey, you know who you are.
Michael - 2015