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Giddy’ Up Gold Coast Cruise Terminal

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Looks like there is no stopping the cruise ship terminal now that the federal government has given the project a thumbs-up. Set to strengthen Gold Coast’s reputation as a desirable tourist destination (not that the meter-maids haven’t already contributed to this) more importantly it becomes a city to do business in.

Already, Gold Coast has recorded an annual growth rate of 2.3 per cent, and been steadily attracting small and big businesses. The 2018 Commonwealth Games has put the city on the world map and its thriving university sector is also a major draw for residential and commercial investors. And now, the proposed oceanside cruise terminal is set to help Gold Coast build on the momentum and serve as a shot in the arm for the local tourism industry – which, by the way – attracts over 13 million tourists each year!

Mayor Tom Tate for one is enthused about the cruise ship terminal: the local council conducted a survey that found an overwhelming preference for the terminal. It is not difficult to imagine why. This infrastructure boost will not only create an entry point for visitors but also assure job security for the tourism laborforce. A flourishing economy just may increase demand for housing and ensure appreciable price spikes for investments.

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