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Investing in Acorns

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When you save your acorns, you are often looking at budgeting, saving and investing with the intention that your acorns eventually grow into trees and provide you with an abundance of more acorns – or money as the case maybe.
New cloud based mobile platform, Acorns, is helping investors to save and invest their spare change into share market portfolios. With no account minimums, new investors can get onboard with a fraction of the funds required to purchase a traditional share portfolio.
Self driven, the app allows users to nominate their portfolio level, from conservative (least risky) to aggressive (most risky), and aims to simplify investing for the uninitiated. By using ‘round ups’, virtual spare change is captured from rounding up your banking to the nearest dollar amount and transferred to your new Acorns account. These ‘round ups’ are then invested into your portfolio.
Like EQC, Acorns also advo cate long term investment goals and seeing your balance increase can be one of life’s little pleasures.
As with all financial services, members do need to review the PDS to determine if the services provided are right for them.
The Acorns app is currently available for both iPhone and android should you wish to plant your seeds.

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