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Technology to help you save

If you are a property investor and want to better manage your investment, download the App today. You will have access to many great features, and have the EQC team on hand for rate checks, updates and additional services.

  • Bank level security, your data has never been safer
  • Up-to-date access to all your financial information, including all your assets and liabilities – bank accountants, credit cards, properties, cars, loans and mortgages
  • RP-Data feed for investment properties
  • Keep track of your cash flow
  • Connect with your adviser or accountant and request services
  • Make tax time easy with all your financial data and documents stored securely in the cloud
  • And much more
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Best Budget App for iPhone? You tell us!The EQC Promise

EQC is a property investment group, focused on assisting their clients in building their property portfolios. EQC offer many services including a simple and easy to use App and dashboard. Contact EQC for any investment needs, or alternatively download our free App and experience for yourself, how a team like EQC can make property investment a little easier. Find a loan with great features that suits your circumstance.

Home Budget And Investment App

Partnered with Australia’s leading data providers such as ASX, Redbook and rpdata, your receive live and updated feeds. You home loan amount, property prices, and even your car amounts are there in the one location.

Build your property portfolio

Knowing when it is time to buy again is easy with the EQC Wealth App. With the EQC team behind you, your information can be easily accessed to help expedite a loan application process.

Property Prices

Pulled directly from corelogic, you will have the latest reports outlining the market price for you investment.

Everything in one place

With all your assets and liabilities in the one place, you can now easily and effortlessly keep sight of your property portfolio and net-worth.