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Specialised Loans

At EQC we help our clients with specialised loans for investors secure property and build a portfolio. Our mortgage broking services include assisting with rate checks, refinancing your current loans or simply helping restructure existing loan product.

Investment Loans

At EQC we help our clients with owner-occupied and investment loans. Banks and institutions each have different guidelines and restrictions, and navigating these is imperative in creating a successful property investment portfolio.

Should you Refinance

What was a great rate 5 years ago, may not be the best rate in market now. Our investment loan specialists work with a variety of banks to navigate the prerequisites with your personal situation. Being an award-winning and reputable lender with many of the major institutions means that your loan turn around time maybe faster.

Rate Check Services

As an EQC client we monitor your current interest-rates, and give alerts. We help to ensure you remain in the best financial position possible. Not a client? Simply enter in your details below and will SMS you details on products.


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Buying an investment property

Do you require a property investment loan, or investment property? Speak to an expert in both lending and real estate through our chat or email services.

  • Don't get caught out

    Not all properties will qualify for an investment loan! Post code restrictions, rental history and other factors determine which properties make the best investments. We help our clients with all these details.

  • Get Online Support

    Your user portal gives you access to the EQC porfolio, while a team of support staff give personalised attention and information. Found a property you love? Jump on Chat and we will be happy to help with a detailed report.

  • Receive Free property reports

    As an EQC client, our support team offer specific property reports, giving you more information to determine the best property fit for your growing portfolio.

What is aninvestment Loan

Investment loans allow someone to purchase a property they will not live in themselves. It is a mortgage product for those who want to buy a property and rent it out to receive income from it. They can’t afford to buy the property without a loan. There are many restrictions with investment loans which are different to how an owner occupied home loan works. This includes eligibility requirements. Investment loans often have higher interest rates and higher deposit costs, and each bank may have their own set of criteria.

Expenses that you incur from your investment property can be claimed as tax deduction. EQC help their clients to utilize these benefits to help pay down their current owner-occupied loans. This is called a mortgage elimination strategy. By choosing EQC, you the investor now have the services and resources to explore different loan packages that fit your current circumstance.

Property investment can be a great way to help secure your financial future. And the first step is understanding your loan structure to maximise your profits. This is where having a team of people dedicated to helping you through the process is invaluable.

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Reasons to ofRefinance Now

On top of that, at EQC we give our clients our Falcon App to help them easily continue to monitor their home or investment values. One of the prime reasons home owners or investors choose to refinance is to lock in a lower interest rate, that they may not of been able to get due to their circumstance in the past. Clients might also want to switch between variable or fixed rates to lower your monthly payments. Another great reason why Australians look to refinance their home or investment loans is to consolidate their debt. We at EQC focus on helping clients reduce their owner-occupied loan with tools and services offered to them monthly.

How do youRefinance today?

If you aren’t sure whether your loan or structure is right, talk to us today. While some mortgage deals might have a better interest rate, you may not be eligible. There is a diverse range of products on the market, and EQC and their specialised lenders can help.

If you thinking of refinancing to reduce your monthly installments, we can help you understand how this may impact your long term goals. With our new Investor App, you the client will have all the information you need at your fingertips. Net wealth indicators, live reports on your property and it’s value, coupled with great calculators – are all ways EQC help property investors grow their portfolios.