Gold Coast Light Rail

Light Rail Affecting Property Prices

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Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 1

One of the most appreciated features of a region, city or suburb is the ease with which people can get around in public transport, a cheaper solution to owning a personal vehicle and/or an environment-friendly option for anyone committed to reducing their carbon footprint. Gold Coast has this aspect covered with its light rail project.Stage 1 of the Gold Coast Light Rail Project is the 13 kilometer route between Gold Coast University Hospital and Broadbeach linked by 14 vehicles and 16 stations. This has been good news for locals and the approximately 12,500 new residents that the Goldie attracts annually. The project not only provides an alternative means of transport and reliable connectivity in a high traffic corridor –thereby lowering congestion -but is also expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 114,000 tonnes over ten years. It has generated around 6,000 jobs for the state thanks to the directive issued to contractors to hire only local businesses and worker sfor the full project.The Bombardier Flexity Gold Coast Trams servicing the route travel at 70km/hr, and each has a capacity of 309 people. Passengers sit in the comfort of air-conditioning and make the most of practical features such as surfboard racks and multipurpose areas. The trams are wheelchair accessible. According to this study, the light rail is receiving healthy patronage and has had a positive impact on property prices.

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