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Home-owners know, that paying off your mortgage inline with the 25 year or 30 year terms, will see you forking out the maximum amount of interest to the bank. The average mortgage repayment could be accounting for almost 50% of your weekly income. EQC utilize their services to help you restructure your loan, implement a range of simple strategies to help reduce those interest payments.

What can EQC Do?

EQC is unique. We have a team dedicated to monitoring clients helping and guiding them to achieve the best investment results. Once you become an EQC member, we set you up in our projection system and dedicate a team member to your account. Using highly-detailed calculations, we take the guess-work out of your financials and give you the support to watch your pennies grow.

How is EQC Different?

We are not a large corporation where clients are simply numbers. We are a boutique firm whom prides themselves on personally helping each and every client to reach wealth through investment and mortgage elimination strategies. We offer a subscription based service, that will have your family working with a professional straight away. 1. Our team guide you on collecting your bills, invoicing and other tax-deductible items and storing details in our projection software. This software along with your personal manager assess your spending and create projections to paying off your mortgage. 2. You have access to our App and dashboard which gives you live previews of your spending and net-worth. 3. We have specialised lenders that will assess your loans and options looking for ways to help you save on interest and other fees and charges. 4. We lodge ITWV forms on your behalf. This alone would cost you hundreds of dollars a year! But as our client it is included.

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How can you benefitFrom EQC Services

We help
find the right loan

We get the right loan working for you! No not every loan is the same, but more importantly, we help you to understand the best choices when trying to pay off your mortgage sooner. This includes your payment schedule, additional payments, and utilizing an off-set account. An off-set account can help you slash years off your home loan by simply reducing interest paid on your loan.

We help
collate your deductions

Many people are unsure what investment items are actually tax deductible. Our team will guide you to understand these important factors so any additional income can be used to pay down your mortgage.

We help
create the right accounts to save on interest

Setting up your accounts to best leverage your hard earned dollars can be confusing. Watch our video to better understand if you are leveraging your off-set accounts correctly.

We help
you use property investment as a strategy

If you aren't aware, owning an investment property can bring a variety of tax benefits. Owning an investment property might not be as difficult as many people believe. We at EQC not only assist with investment property choices, we walk you through the entire process, assisting with your loan applications and giving you tools to continue to grow your property portfolio.

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