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Sydney Investors Have Their Eyes on the Gold Coast

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Gold Coast has become preferable to Sydney and Melbourne – just ask investors in Sydney! They’ll tell you why they believe that the Goldie’s property market is the hottest right now. You can expect to hear the following:
  • Gold Coast’s properties are not prohibitively expensive as those in the other two metropoles.
  • Gold Coast’s rental yields are at 5-6% compared to 3-4% for Sydney.
  •  A $500,000 property in the Goldie could potentially generate a rental income of $500 – $550/week; in the other two cities, rents haven’t traced the upward movement in home prices.
  • Sydney investors believe that homes on the coast are far prettier than those in Sydney and Melbourne (can’t argue with that!).

We will also add a point about the coveted Gold Coast lifestyle. With 300 days of sunshine, the water, surf and barbecues, living on the picturesque coast is – without exaggeration – a dream. The ongoing infrastructure and investment boom has only made the region more desirable among home buyers and businesses alike. Another profile – raising event for the Goldie is the 2018 Commonwealth Games, which is expected to put the region on the map before a massive global audience. The Gold Coast’s story has only just begun and the future seems extremely promising, even for the most Sydney – centric investors.

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